Dinner for my dad’s clients!

I never thought my dad would ask me to cater a veggie-based meal for his clients and co-workers…but when he did, it made my heart smile! My challenge: no garlic, no onions=no problem! I loved looking into the dining room and seeing 6 grown men feast upon a healthy veggie dinner full of color and […]

Nourishing Kid’s Class: “Gregory the Terrible Eater”

Another great day of food and learning. We watched “Gregory the Terrible Eater” from Reading Rainbow–Awesome throwback for me! Then had a class discussion on how to not be a fussy eater. We revisited the 5 food groups that we all need to incorporate into a daily diet. We played a game where we rolled […]

I love families and making them nourishing food!!

This was week two of cooking up goodness for an incredible family. They have adopted me into their home to come once a week and make several meals as well as put several “kits” together–so they can cook a night or two too.¬†They get a CSA box and I love being able to make on-the-spot […]

Broccoli potato soup, peanut butter quinoa, and kimchi fried rice

Another great day spent cooking up some food-love! Within a total of 4 hours this family gets food for the week for their growing boys to feast upon. I love cooking in their kitchen, listening to music, picking fresh greens from their garden and knowing that I am making nourishing meals for these awesome kids! […]